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Hi Alex! My name is Takagery! I am the kind person on the Internet! I found vulnerabilities on your site! I have logins and passwords from all accounts on this site! I have an access to a database of your site. I can destroy it. But I am the kind person. Therefore I offer you the transaction. You send me 240 euros and I show you on weakness of your site. And I don't touch your site. But if you refuse to send me 240 euros. I will destroy your site, I will tell all users that that you gave me all their data for money! I will send to all users of your site a lot of spam, I will tell that that you sold them to e-mail for spam! Then you and at your site will have very bad reputation. I hope you understand me. You will send me 240 euros? If you make it, I promise, I will help to clean all vulnerabilities on your site! But if you don't send me 240 euros, I will destroy your site and your reputation. I will wait for the answer from you! If you agree, I will tell you a name and a surname to whom you will have to send 240 euros. Write to me on my e-mail: alenafesechko@gmail.com I will wait for 48 hours! After I will remove your site and I will spoil to you reputation! I hope we will agree with you!

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